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1.改革产业结构reform the structure of industries

2.亏损企业loss-making enterprises

3.搞活企业enliven enterprises

4.加快现代化步伐quicken the modernization drive

5.跨国公司transnational corporation/multinational corporation

6.乡镇企业township enterprises

7.国有企业state-owned enterprises

8.合资企业joint ventures

9.解放生产力emancipate/liberate productivity

10.振兴国家经济invigorate our state economy

11.实行股份制introduce the shareholding system

12.全面深化改革deepen reform all round

13.提高经济效益improve economic results

14.增进效益increase economic returns

15.宏观经济调控macro-economic control and management

16.经济实力economic strength

17.经济转轨economic transformation

18.经营机制operative mechanism

19.整顿经济秩序rectify economic order

20.引进竞争机制introduce a competitive mechanism

21.建立技术密集型企业set up technologically-intensive enterprises

22.招商引资canvass business and introduce investment

23.房地产real estate

24.经济特区special economic zone

25.基础设施infrastructure facilities

26.豆腐渣工程jerry-built projects

27.投资热点investment hot spot

28.外向型经济export-oriented economy

29.按劳分配distribute according to the work performance

30.打破平均主义break/abandon equalitarian

31.沿海开放城市open coastal cities

32.保税区bonded zone/area

33.金融改革banking system

34.国民生产总值Gross National Product

35.扶贫项目anti-poverty project

36.下海经商plunge into the private business

37.协调发展coordinate the development

38.住房改革housing reform

39.社会保障体系social security system

40.数字时代digital times

41.信息高速公路the information superhighway

42.虚拟社区virtual communities

43.“菜蓝子”工程the“shopping-basket”project(the non-staple food project)

44.拳头产品knock-out products/competitive products

45.市场萧条slack market

46.中国质量万里行China’s Long March to Quality campaign

47.冒牌产品fake brand-name products

48.假冒伪劣商品fake and poor quality commodities

49.谋取暴力reap colossal profits

50.提出索赔lodge a claim

51.投诉lodge complaint

52.贸易争端trade disputes

53.乱收费random charges

54.市场疲软sluggish market

55.贸易顺差favorable trade balance

56.贸易逆差unfavorable trade balance

57.实行优惠政策launch a preferential policy

58.繁荣市场flourish the market

59.加入世贸组织accession to the WTO/entry into the WTO

60.zui惠国待遇Most-Favored-Nation treatment

61.消费者协会consumer’s association

62.消费者购买力consumer purchasing power

63.新兴市场emerging market

64.抑制消费control/inhibit consumption

65.无形资产intangible assets

66.有形资产tangible assets

67.市场占有率market share

68.严重违约grave breach of contract

69.泡沫经济bubble economy

70.品牌效应brand effect

71.企业重组reshuffle of enterprises

72.贸易壁垒trade barrier

73.人才流失brain drain

74.清理“三角债”break up the debt chain

75.企业文化corporate culture

76.商业炒作commercial speculation

77.扩大内需,刺激消费expand domestic demand and consumption

78.拉动经济增长fuel economic growth

79.连锁反应chain reaction/domino effect

80.竞争优势competitive edge

81.经济结构调整economic restructuring

82.经济增长点economic growth point;growth engine

83.经济过热overheated economy

84.经济滑坡economic downturn

85.集约化经营intensive management

86.灰色收入gray income

87.福利分房welfare-oriented public housing distribution system

88.分期付款installment payment

89.从粗放经济转变为集约经济shift from extensive economy to intensive economy

90.按揭购房buy a house on a mortgage;mortgage a house

91.边际效益marginal benefit

92.不良贷款non-performing loan

93.裁减冗员lay off redundant staff;cut down on overstaffing

94.产品更新换代upgrade of products

95.创业园high-tech business incubator;pioneer park

96.促进全球经济一体化foster integration with the global economy

97.家庭联产承包责任制household contract responsibility system

98.人才战competition for talented people

99.脱贫致富shake/cast off poverty and set out a road to prosperity

100.资源优化配置optimizing the allocation of resources


101.不正之风bad/harmful practice


103.奔小康strive for a better-off life

104.论资排辈assign priority according to seniority

105.持续发展sustainable development

106.重复建设redundant project

107.大锅饭egalitarian practice(of everyone taking food from the same big pot)


109.科学技术是diyi生产力Science and technology are the primary productive force.

110.机构臃肿overstaffing in organization

111.机构改革institutional restructuring;streamlining

112.反腐倡廉fight corruption and build a clean government

113.窗口行业service trade

114.核心竞争力core competitiveness

115.减员增效downsizing of staff and improving efficiency

116.减轻农民负担reduce farmer’s burdens;lighten the burden on them

117.跨越式发展great-leap-forward development

118.跨世纪发展trans-century project

119.民主集中制democratic centralism

120.讲诚信﹑反欺诈honor credibility and oppose cheating

121.强权外交power diplomacy


123.侵吞公款embezzle public funds

124.群带关系networking through petticoat influence

125.求同存异seek common ground on major issues while shelving differences on minor ones

126.滥用权力abuse one’s power;misuse one’s authority

127.廉政建设build a clean and honest government

128.三步走战略the three-step development strategy

129.三讲教育three emphases education—emphasize theoretical study,political awareness and good conduct

130.三峡工程Three gorges project

131.贪污腐化corruption and degeneration

132.思想僵硬fossilized concept

133.西部开发the development of China’s west

134.发展是硬道理Development is an invariable truth

135.坚持四项基本原则uphold the four cardinal principles

136.地方保护主义regional protectionism

137.拜金主义money worship

138.行贿受贿give and take bribery

139.走后门get in by the back door/enter by the back door

140.和平演变peaceful evolution

141.贪脏枉法take bribes and bend the law

142.以权谋私abusing power for money

143.拉关系try to establish a relationship with sb.

144.权钱交易trading power for money

145.扫黄运动anti-pornography campaign

146.公款吃喝enjoy banquet on public funds

147.“一国两制”的原则the principle of“one country,two systems:”

148.两大主题two principle themes

149.坚持一个中国立场stick to one-China position

150.全国人民代表大会National People’s Congress

151.与国际接轨synchronize with the world;accord with international norms

152.社会主义物质文明socialist material wellbeing

153.社会主义精神文明socialist culture and ideology

154.实现中华民族伟大复兴bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

155.歪风邪气unhealthy practices and evil phenomena

156.温暖工程adequate food and clothing program

157.知识产权intellectual property right

158.综合国力comprehensive national strength

159.zui低生活保障制度systems for ensuring a minimum standard of living

160.政企分开separate government functions from enterprise management

161.与时俱进keep pace with the times

162.闲置人员idle hand

163.养老保险endowment insurance

164.以经济建设为中心focus on the central task of economic construction

165.下岗职工基本生活费subsistence allowance for laid-off workers

166.世界观﹑人生观﹑价值观world outlook,outlook on life and values

167.实事求是seek truth from facts

168.试点工程pilot project

169.政府廉洁高效clean and efficient government

170.战略伙伴关系strategic partnership

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